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About Us

                    Where We Started

Mikami Hostel is a family-owned local business anno. 2018.

The first Hostel is an old prisoner house and prisoner cells, that we as a family renovated to make our first Hostel. It is actually the first Hostel in Qasigiannguit. There are around 1150 inhabitants in our small town.

We have now renovated another house this summer 2021, and we have now two Mikami Hostel buildings.

We set out to turn something old into something new. When we build or renovate, we use recycling. The toilet in the new Mikami Hostel is, for example, a toilet that burns the feces into ash.

We take care of nature here, as we live in it and are in nature on a daily basis and everything around us is just that - nature.

Why Choose Us

Quality Service

Easy To Book

Clean and Safe

Affordable Rooms


Our Team

Andreas Mikaelsen

Junarak Mikaelsen


Avaruna Mikaelsen

Laila Mikaelsen

Tukummeq Mikaelsen

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